DATERA Storage Platform

Following are use cases that in our opinion has a huge potential and real added value to customers.

Hadoop platform

DATERA Storage Platform can be used as a storage platform for Hadoop oriented use cases. This is possible for its hadoop ready parallel file system used as a brain of DATERAStorage Platform product.
Important facts for hadoop use cases:

DSP - Hadoop Ready

ICT and Security logs storage and analytical platform

We recommend not to delete logs and rather store them on active platform. Storing IT and security logs ind DATERA Storage Platform offers you the way to store logs in Hadoop ready platform.

Openstack cloud platform

We see OpenStack as a use case where DATERA Storage Platform nicely fits in and can offer many technically impressive functions. In OpenStack implementation DATERA Storage Platform is used as a storage for images, volumes and objects. All of these objects are stored in one file system but can be placed in different disc pools. This is enabled by internal Hierarchical Storage Management functions.
As this said, we can used share-nothing storage (scale out storage) to store images and objects and fast disc pools to store VM volumes as shown on following image.

DSP - Cloud Usage

DATERA Storage Platform and its cloning function offers immediate VM provisioning with using thin-provisioning and copy-on-write. This provide clones from images to target volume without need for controllers to physically move provisioned data. All cloning is done internally in storage platform.

DSP - Cloud Cloning

DATERA Storage Platform has native driver for OpenStack implementation.

Geographically separated global storage

DATERA Storage Platform is possible to use as a smart and powerfull geographically separated global storage. Main attributes of such a solution are:

Guaranteed and trustworthy archive

DATERA Storage Platform can also be used for long term archiving, because it has has been assessed and found to be suitable solution to support and to be implemented, maintained and developed as trustworthy digital repository, fulfilling criteria imposed by following standards and legislation:


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