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Analyze social media/networks

Social networks are understood as one of the most important sources of information right now. People are talking about what they like or dislike, what they would like to buy, they discuss feedbacks on marketing campaigns or company’s services. All this can be used to improve your services, target new customers, offer new services and products to your current customers, understand what they like or dislike, all this information are hidden on places like Facebook, twitter and so on.
Our solution will help you understand what people are talking about and take appropriate steps based on this understanding. This can be for example solution to improve PR and Marketing campaigns before elections. You can target discussed topics react on peoples feedbacks and so on. Example can be seen here:

DATERA Unstructured Data Analysis – Political Study – EN, Czech

Call Center Optimization and Analytics

Because of the high fluctuation of employees and long learning curve of new employees at call centers it is very important to optimize, automate and analyze modern call centers.
Our solution can be used to analyze transcripted calls to text to find possible customer churn, upsell and crossell opportunities, feedback on marketing campaigns and so on. This will help you shorten learning curve of your new employees, be more independant to the employees fluctuation. You will understand your call center, you will understand what people are talking about, what people request, how your employees answer to these requests and questions and you can improve your call scripts and optimize your call center overall.

Predictive Maintenance

Because of the demand on very high quality products and services provided efficiently it is important as never before to collect and analyze information that allow maintenance, quality, and operational decision makers to predict when an asset needs maintenance. This solution can helps predict such maintenance before your assets stops working properly so you have to stop the product manufacturing or providing services. This solution can be even used to predict when your assets will stops manufacturing products with not enough good quality. Production of low quality products which cannot be used or sold can be very expensive and this solution can help avoid such situation.
Such assets can be:

Investigation/Fraud management

This solution optimizes fraud investigation and analysis for insurance, banking, healthcare and other customers, and public safety programs for government and law enforcement organizations. It dynamically coordinates and reports on cases, provides analysis and visualization, and enables more efficient and effective investigations.
This solution helps organizations:

More detailed information on this solution can be found here:

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