Handwritten Biometric Signature

SignoSoft – Robust Solution for Handwritten Biometric Signatures (HBS)

HBS is convenient method for signing of electronic (PDF) forms and documents, it simplifies signing of contracts and makes further processing effortless. It is based on historically established, culturally accepted and legally binding method of handwritten signature.
SignoSoft technology is based on international standards for Biometric data interchange formats (ISO/IEC 19794-7:2007). It allows analysis of the captured Biometric Signature and its biometric attributes by forensic experts in the same extent as it is possible with a handwritten signature on a paper. It is also approved and tested by forensic experts on computer law, cyber security and encryption.

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Main benefits of SignoSoft:

How It Works

  1. PDF document is created
  2. Handwritten biometric signature is securely inserted to the documentOpening the signature capturing dialogue within an application triggers the encrypted communication between signature capturing device and the system itself (webserver or desktop PC). The keys change for each new session.Communication is secured either via using AES-128 bit with Diffie-Hellman-Merkle algorithm key exchange or via other methods of encrypted communication.The signature image is calculated from the captured biometric data and stored in the document. Encrypted biometric data are embedded into the PDF document using RSA up to 4096 and AES-256 CBC. The public key of the key pair for signature encryption is configured to be used by system.

    The hash of the document is calculated using SHA-256 to guarantee the integrity of document with encrypted biometric data. The hash is signed with private key of the key pair for document integrity. The PKCS#12 certificate includes a key based on RSA up to 4096 length.

    The signed hash and the related public key are embedded into the document. To bind biometric data to the document another hash is calculated utilizing SHA-256 on top of the previous hash and captured biometric data.

  3. Legally binding document is then processed according to particular workflowHow It Works

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