DATERA Storage Platform (former Smart Archive) – Big Data Solution

DATERA Storage Platform empowers clients to store data more efficiently, expand storage as needed and analyze it faster. As an engine to build DATERA Storage Platform we are using IBM General Parallel File System.
DATERA Storage Platform with its architecture allows to use single system, that can be easily extended both horizontally (adding more capabilities and power) and/or vertically (adding more capacities).
DATERA Storage Platform goes beyond simple cost effective scale out storage. It can help distribute data center workload by hosting applications as well.
Main advantage of our platform is that DATERA Storage Platform can store huge amount of data, is enough powerful enough and still open to analytics. With DATERA Storage Platform customers don’t just store their data, but make data work for them when they need it.
This is an example for particular customer use case.

Scale-Out Connection Schema - Global - EN

Description of main technologies used in DATERA Storage Platform:

Software Defined Storage

Scalability is achieved by use of Software Defined Storage, and it also provides the Hierarchical Storage Management functions. Software Defined Storage is based on IBM General Parallel File System. As a storage, it is leveraged anywhere from simple scale-out storage to Enterprise level backup solution suitable and certified for long term guaranteed archiving. It is independent on specific hardware manufacturer, so it prevents customers from vendor lock-in and protects previous investments.

Software Defined Networks

Software Defined Networks load balancers are key contributors for efficiency and high performance of DATERA Storage Platform. This enables to balance and parallelize a load to several GPFS cNFS inerfaces.

Open to Host Applications

DATERA Storage Platform is capable of hosting applications so it can be used as a base building block for building guaranteed archives, analytical and Hadoop solutions, full text search or cloud solutions. Customers also gain flexibility beyond ordinary software defined storage products.

Power to your cloud solution

Because of this versatility, DATERA Storage Platform is not just a storage solution, but can be seen as a full potential storage and compute platform to host application workloads or provide storage and compute power to your cloud solution.

Hadoop Ready Parallel File System

IBM General Parallel File System is able to provide also Hadoop Map/Reduce analytical approach. As a native distribution it is possible to use IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and also other Hadoop distributions.

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