DATERA Analytics

DATERA Analytics is a solution that offers an analytical platform that provides unstructured data analyzes and visualization of results. Analyzes steps that DATERA Analytics products offer to customers are:

  1. Crawl various data sources.
    Data sources can be either unstructured (for example: text files, documents, comments, reviews, facebook data, internal emails etc.) or structured (CSV, databases, JSONs etc.).
  2. Indexing and deep processing phase.
    All the crawled data are indexed and run through several additional processing to enable analytical approach.
  3. Analyzing resulting structures to get better meaning of contents, relations, sentiments and other fact that helps to give customers additional point of view on their data.
  4. Very important for understanding the results is to visualize the results meaningfully.
    Visualizing can be done using dashboards, graphs, timelines, relations schemas etc.

In addition to bundled software products we have developed specialized crawlers and translator plugins. All the steps and products additions we carefully designed so it fits in our customer’s environments and solves their needs.

Analyzes Schema

One of the crawlers that we are proud of is able to crawl Facebook data and is fully integrated to product user interface.

Facebook Crawler


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DATERA Unstructured Data Analysis – Product Sheet – EN

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